XXII Ibero-American Stroke Organization Congress and First WSO / IASO Angels Award

The XXII Congress of the Ibero-American Society of Cerebrovascular Diseases (SIECV/IASO) took place in Costa Rica on 13-14 June 2019. It was a scientific forum of great importance for Latin America where experts from the region with the support of international advisors discussed from the basic elements of cerebrovascular disease in teaching courses to the state of art in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Congress also held the second “Stroke Challenge” (the first was launched in the XXI Congress in Gramado, 2018). The Stroke Challenge is a contest among stroke teams to assess and acknowledge the group with better adherence to the acute care protocol, from the arrival of the patient in the emergency department to the post-reperfusion care, in a simulated case. It involved three stroke teams from Costa Rica and had a large audience from the congress participants.

The IASO Congress also launched the first WSO/SIECV Angels Award, to stimulate a culture of continuous monitoring and recognize and honor hospitals and teams committed to improving the Stroke care. From 46 hospitals participating in Latin America, 8 were classified with the status Gold (6), Platinum (1) and Diamond (1) and were awarded during the Congress by the WSO representatives: Prof. Marc Fisher, WSO President-Elect, and Prof. Sheila Martins, WSO Vice President for SSOs and President of Ibero-American Stroke Organization.