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New modules.  The WSA has published a series of webcasts from WSC 2018, aiming for at least one a month since February this year. They have been released in this way to allow the WSAS team time to build in extra features and in order to increase their educational value.  Each webcast is presented as part of an educational package which usually includes the learning objectives, an author video interview, a case study, a quiz and links to original papers or other useful source material. Here are the details and links to 3 recent items.

  • Technical advances in the endovascular and surgical prevention and treatment of subarachnoid haemorrhage and delayed cerebral ischaemia. Prof. Steve Lownie and Assoc. Prof. Melfort Boulton (Western University, London, Ontario) discuss the clinical practice consensus for ruptured and unruptured intracranial aneurysms and give an overview of endovascular treatment. The presentation also includes some excellent case studies, imaging data and video footage- so have a look at this new e-learning activity and test your knowledge with our interactive quiz!
  • Affordable treatment for acute stroke care in low and middle-income countries (J. Pandian)This module includes a video presentation by Prof. Jeyaraj Pandian (Christian Medical College Ludhiana, India), references for further reading, such as the ATTEND trial, and a quiz to test your knowledge. 
  • Outcome and practical issues of daily living (D.deSilva) This module focuses on Stroke in the younger patient and includes the talk ‘Outcome and practical issues of daily living’ given by Assoc. Prof. Deidre de Silva (National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore) at WSC 2018, a compelling case study developed by Prof. Vincent Thijs (Florey Institute and Austin Health, Australia) and a learning quiz.

New modules on dyslipidemia and lipid management in the prevention of stroke.  Recognising the rapid changes in treatment options for lipid disorders for primary and secondary  prevention of stroke and other cardiovascular events, the WSA is preparing a series of modules on this theme, which are being released in stages. The second module of the series ‘Clinical practice of treatment of hypercholesterolemia in Europe’, developed by Dr. Diana Aguiar de Sousa. Will be released shortly.  In it you will find the author’s talk at ESOC 2019 in Milan, accompanied by quiz questions and a case study ‘Hypercholesterolemia in a patient with HIV’.

Enhancements to the e-learning platform.  You might have noticed that there are also some technical improvements on the World Stroke Academy with the new Multilearning player: users can now fast-forward the webcast presentations, search for specific keywords within slides and engage directly with peers by asking the forum. And these are only some of the new features!  For further information and detailed instructions have a look at this short video from our platform provider Multilearning:

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