7th World Stroke Organization International Meeting - Tbilisi 2018

Report on the 7th World Stroke Organization International Meeting - Tbilisi 2018: Stroke prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

This year's regional stroke meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, was the most recent of a series which began in 2000 and has been held every three years since.

Two workshops on Thursday, 27th September - one on "Nursing in stroke", the other in "Simulation training for thrombolysis / benefits of early rehabilitation" - set the scene for two further days of lectures by a distinguished, international faculty. There were in total 218 registered delegates for the 2 workshops and the main part of the conference representing 26 different nations (including the faculty). WSO Faculty Included Andrew Farrall, Vida Demarin, Amy Edmunds, Natan Bornstein & Jose Ferro.

The key themes of the meeting were young stroke; genetics, epidemiology and prevention; the heart and brain; imaging; uncommon causes of stroke; the nature of clot; haemorrhagic stroke; service organization and management; and neurorepair.

Delegates were primarily from in and around the south Caucasus region as well as from Ukraine and Central Asian countries. The small and intimate setting allowed for thorough questioning of the faculty: delegates could readily tap into the expertise at hand and clarify the principles and procedures of cerebrovascular care and practice which formed the bulk of the meeting’s content.

Social events in the evenings allowed for less formal conversation and discussion between faculty and delegates, furthering the exchange of knowledge and information. The events also gave everyone an insight into the Georgian culture, as well as a taste of local cuisine.

The organizing committee of Alexander Tsiskaridze, Alexander Razumovsky and Roman Shakarishvili should be commended for expertly designing and executing a meeting which was informative, as well as which promoted and disseminated locally, the most up-to-date cerebrovascular practices and principles.


Alexander Tsiskaridze, Alexander Razumovsky and Roman Shakarishvili


Simulation at training workshop


Conference delegates


Workshop and Conference Faculty