Message from the President

Dear members, friends and colleaguesThe last few months in office have been very active and successful. We had a number of exciting events and activities, and only very few minor disappointments.Th...

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Regional congress in Buenos Aires.jpg
Regional Stroke Meeting in Buenos Aires

WSO Regional Stroke Symposium  11-12 June 2017 Buenos AiresBackground. To extend the global reach of its educational work, the WSO is planning to hold Regional congresses in the year betw...

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WSC 2018.jpg
Update WSC 2018

World Stroke Congress 2018While you are probably spending your summer on a sunny island, we are working hard to provide you with a state of the art experience at WSC 2018, taking place October 17-2...

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World Stroke Academy News

Cooperation between WSA and ESOThe World Stroke Academy (WSA) has established cooperation with the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) to share a common online learning platform. In the future, WSO...

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