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Message from the President

I want to first share the memorable World Stroke Day (WSD) activities held recently in Vietnam and Myanmar. I attended WSD events in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on consecutive days. Vietnam has...

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World Stroke Day 2013

THANK YOU!On October 29, World Stroke Day, marked a day of collaborative efforts around the world towards the shared cause of raising stroke awareness and improving stroke care. WSO is grateful to...

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Stroke Riskometer app

A new app developed by an AUT researcher aims to reduce the incidences of stroke and save lives all over the world. Brought to market by AUT Enterprises Ltd – the technology transfer office of AUT...

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WSO activities in MENA region

The WSO endorsed the Second MENA Stroke Conference held in Dubai on October 24 – 25, 2013. Dubai is a dynamic city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), situated in the heart of the Gulf area, halfway...

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